Friday, September 30, 2011

H& M Process Part 4

As the details begin to come together, I start adding some tonals to the piece to fill out the form. In this case, I have moved to an H pencil which is slightly darker than the 2H. Hence the bottom left is fading out in the scan. I have no particular mode of finishing but often I will start at top leftish and continue down if I have the foresight to do so. That's because I'm righthanded and I will tend to smudge with my palm if I don't do so. Of course, I also turn the page all the time so this will minimize some of the unwanted smudgings. i probably should have finished the foreground figure as well in retrospect. You can see I've left out a lot of the top girl as I'm not sure yet how the textures of the bottom girl will overlap. This piece is close to done at this point, one more session with the bottom figure and then some slight tweaks.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Something I'm working on for NYCC. I'll be in Artist Alley U5! Stop by and say hi if you are going! Oct13-16.

H&M Process part 3 - Hair!

In this scan, you can see that I start working the hair. On the top figure, you can see the roughness of some of the shapes. Here I am trying to feel out shapes rather than individual strands. On the bottom, there is a general directionality to the hairs and textures to add form. I always like flowing hair, but at the same time it should be layered instead of a clump. This helps add movement. I used to hate drawing hair, but now I find it relaxing as I take this approach. As an artist, always face challenging obstacles and keep working through them. Over time, you will at least gain some control and not dread them each time in a drawing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

H&M Process Part 2

I start refining some of the details in the picture. I tend to jump around a bit at first. Mostly working out the faces, adding details to the costume. Because these are original characters (there were no costume templates except for the fact that each had an eyepatch on opposing eyes), I was able to let loose on costume designing. This leaves room to create a lot more detail than if you wanted to create a usable costume for comic interiors. The final design could be a pain to recreate in every panel.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sketchies and Prelim Huginn and Muninn Pinup

So I've decided to incorporate a sketchblog into this blogger. I figured I may as well just keep this one as I've already customized the blogger templates. There will still be news but should be more active as I'll post sketches and a bunch of unseen prelim work. I'll start of with an image I did last year and here are a couple images to get started. As you can see I usually start with very loose sketches to get down an idea. This here was just a very quick thumbnail to get the idea down. I had the idea a while ago, but this loose image was to keep the general idea so I wouldn't forget. Then I started on a pencil sketch. I work a lot on the faces so usually the rest don't get going till I get that stuff figured out. Start with a 2H pencil. This is done on 11x17 board.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Deathlings trailer

After a year of hard work from Michael Marcynuk and Jon Gong, each taking time out from their busy lives to dedicate precious time into this endeavor, we present to the world the Deathlings trailer! It's a part trailer / part motion comic experiment that somehow I managed to convince them to take on =P. The original short story was written by Ian Struckhoff , pencilled by me and colored by Juri Hayasaka. (which can be found in its entirety ,as well as several other short stories, in printed form at: )

Enjoy! And thanks for lookin!