Saturday, March 21, 2009


Inking straight for a few days, had to do a quick sketch. Sharpie and kohi noor 10 mins!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Inking Tips

Here are some small inking tips for aspiring inkers:

Ink over professional work! Two obvious reasons for this is you can learn from the artists, and you can practice your techniques on professional grade material. Many artists have no problems sending high res digital files for you to practice on. Just ask nicely!

When possible, always communicate with the penciler. A good dialogue can sometimes turn into a working relationship! If the penciler likes what you do, he is more likely to request you for other jobs!

Always treat each new gig as a test!Don't be afraid to change things up, especially if it's a new penciler you are working with. If it's a rush job they want you to do, it's more than likely it's also a test to see if you are a good fit with the artist. Try to do your best job on it!

Hehe, notice all these are common sense tips! It has nothing to do with technique or whatnot. Like anything, the technique of inking comes with confidence and practice!

Now, go at it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inking Today

So I'm inking today. What I love about inking is that you get to work with so many talented artists. Sometimes it just humbles you. Every year at San Diego, or New York Comic con, you see a bazillion artists looking to get work, many of whom have been published before. Deep down though, I still want to be able to bring my pencil work into the industry and make an impact. I guess that's every comic book artist's dream. In the meantime, I can just keep on learning from these artists and improve my own pencilwork.